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Sarah Patterson


20 July 2023



An investment that has placed Mort & Co as a leader in the field of fertiliser manufacturing, research and development has continued to grow as a significant aspect of the Australian first business.

Tom Redmond is the latest expert to join the Projects and Innovation division, taking up the position of Projects Coordinator - Innovation, following extensive research investigating the behaviors of saline and sodic irrigated soils and their response to soil ameliorants. Tom has now completed his Ph.D. and is currently working across a number of projects within Mort & Co Fertilisers to optimise production efficiencies, increase product quality, and more effectively target the soil constraints of farmers and producers. “The research I’ve undertaken involved working with growers who were applying marginal quality irrigation to their farming programs. This has positioned me in good stead for the work that Mort & Co Fertilisers is doing to enhance the capabilities of their granule products.”
“We know that a really good product starts with really good ingredients, so it’s important for me to ensure the quality of our inputs is high. Then, we look at our products in the field and how they are interacting with different soil types and marginal irrigation.”


Tom Redmond, Projects Coordinator - Innovation

With a background in Agricultural Engineering and a number of years spent in Roma working across the beef production industry and as an irrigation engineer in the oil & gas industry, Tom says joining Mort & Co was a very apt decision to make. “Starting my role at Mort & Co has tied together all the different experiences I’ve had over the last 14-15 years, and it’s enabled me to move about in so many different facets of the company.
“There is such a focus on quality and the environment and that’s not just in the fertiliser division but across the company as a whole. Research and Development is a key component to upholding these values and it’s something I’m thrilled to be a part of.”


Mort & Co General Manager People, Culture & Safety, Amelia Booth, says equipping the business with passionate people who are experts in their field is a natural attribute of the company. “Mort & Co seeks to employ highly motivated people who are driven to excel in their fields. Our team is making some significant progress in research and development and it’s great to have Tom join us and contribute positively to this growth.” According to Tom, Research and Development isn’t slowing down.
“There is always more that we can learn from ongoing research. Positioning ourselves ahead of the market and understanding consumer needs early is critical. It’s about researching the right thing at the right time.”

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